Saturday, March 26, 2016

ENGINEERING DRAWING ASSIGNMENT (III MID) for all branches NREC on 26-03-2016 submit by 4th April, 2016

Assignment Questions:                 III MID                ENGINEERING DRAWING
1.    A right circular cylinder, base 50 mm diameter and axis 60 mm long, is standing on HP on its base. It has a square hole of size 25 in it. The axis of the hole bisects the axis of the cylinder and is perpendicular to the VP. The faces of the square hole are equally inclined with the HP. Draw its projections and develop lateral surface of the cylinder.

  1. A right circular cone base 30 mm side and height 50 mm rests on its base on H.P. It is cut by a section plane perpendicular to the V.P., inclined at 45º to the H.P. and bisecting the axis. Draw the projections of the truncated cone and develop its lateral surface.
  2. A square pyramid, base 40 mm side and axis 65 mm long, has its base on the HP and all the edges of the base equally inclined to the VP. It is cut by a section plane, perpendicular to the VP, inclined at 45º to the HP and bisecting the axis. Draw its sectional top view, sectional side view and true shape of the section. Also draw its development.
  3. A pentagonal pyramid , base 30mm side and axis 60 mm long is lying on one of its triangular faces on the HP with the axis parallel to the VP. A vertical section plane, whose HT bisects the top view of the axis and makes an angle of 30º with the reference line, cuts the pyramid removing its top part. Draw the top view, sectional front view and true shape of the section and development of the surface of the remaining portion of the pyramid.
  4.  A vertical cylinder of 60 mm diameter is penetrated  by another cylinder of 40mm diameter the axis of which is parallel to both HP and VP. The two axes are 9 mm apart. Draw the projection showing curves of intersection.
  5. A cone of base 60 mm diameter and axis 70 mm long stands vertically with its base on H.P. It is penetrated by a horizontal cylinder of 26 mm diameter. The axis of the cylinder is parallel to V.P., 20 mm above the base and 5 mm in front of the axis of the cone. Draw the projections of solids showing the curves of intersection.
  6. A frustum of hexagonal pyramid, base 40mm side, top 20 mm side and height 50 mm rests with its base on the Ground Plane such that one of the edges of its base is touching the PP. The station point is 40 mm infront of  PP, 75 mm above the GP and lies in a central plane which passes through the centre of the frustum. Draw the perspective view.
  7. A hexagonal plane of 25 mm side stands vertically on the ground plane and inclined at 50° to the picture plane. The corner nearest to picture plane is 20 mm behind it. The station point is 45 mm in front of the picture plane, 50 mm above the ground plane and lies in central plane which passes through the centre of the plane. Draw the perspective view of the plane.
  8. Draw the Isometric views of the following figures.
  9. Draw the three orthographic views of the following figures ( Front, Top & Side Views ) 

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