Wednesday, April 11, 2012


1. A circle of 50mm diameter rolls on a horizontal line for half a revolution clockwise and then on a line inclined at 600 to the horizontal for another half clockwise. Draw the curve traced out by a point P on the circumference of the circle taking top most point on the rolling circle as the initial position of the generating point.
2. Construct a forward reading Vernier scale to read distance correct to a decameter on a map in which the actual distances are reduced in the ratio of 1 : 40000. The scale should be long enough to measure upto 6 km. Mark on the scale lengths of 3.34 km and 0.59 km.
3. A room measures 8m long, 5m wide and 4m high. An electric bulb hangs in the center of the ceiling and 1m below it. A thin straight wire connects the bulb to switch kept in one of a corner of the room and 1.25m above the floor. Draw the projections of the wire, also determine its true length and slope with the floor.
4. Construct 25° and 55° angles by using scale of chords.
5. The distance between Hyderabad and Kurnool is 180km. The passenger train covers this distance in 6 hours. Construct a plain scale to measure time up to a single minute. The R.F. of the sale is 1;200000. Indicate the distance covered by the train in 36 minutes.
6. Two pillars A and B 8m and 6m high are separated by a distance of 8m as seen in the view from the front as measured parallel to XY. In the view from the left they appear to be separated by a distance of 5m as measured perpendicular to XY. A wire is tightly tied to the top ends of the poles A and B. Find the true length of the wire.
7. Draw a Vernier scale of 1:72 to read inches and long enough to measure 12yards. Show the following distances on it:
(i) 1 yard 1 foot and 1 inch,
(ii) 7 yards 2 feet and 9 inches, and
(iii) 10 yards 10 inches.
8. Two straight lines OA and OB make an angle of 75° between them. P is a point 40mm from OA and 50mm from OB. Draw a hyperbola through P with OA and OB as asymptotes making at least 10 points.
9. Draw the projections of the line AB, 90mm long, its mid point M being 50mm above the HP and 40mm infront of VP. The end A is 20mm above the HP and 10mm infront of the VP. Show the inclination of the line with the HP and the VP.
10. Draw a Vernier scale of RF = 1/24 to read yards, feet and inches, and to measure up to 4 yards. Show on it lengths representing:
(i) 2 yards 2 feet 10 inches,
(ii) 1 foot 3 inches.
11. Show by means of a drawing that when the diameter of the directing circle is twice that of the generating circle,the hypocycloid is a straight line.Take the diameter of the generating circle is equal to 50mm.
12. Both the HT and the VT of a line above XY line. The distance between the VT and the HT measured parallel to XY is 10 mm. The VT and the HT measured perpendicular to XY is 10mm. The VT is nearer to the end of the line. The VT is 5 mm above XY and the HT 10mm above XY. The straight line is 100 mm long. The VT is 10 mm from the nearest end of the line as measured parallel to XY. Draw the projections of the line. Also find the inclinations of the line with the HP and the VP.

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